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So now it has become so hot that it is to be on the model railway again.
Next steps are to plant wires out, so I'm sure that there is power on entire course
I have to made a place or two where I can have my driving desks standing
Track laying on Part -1 is largely done, rails just attached and polished

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Website updated. E114 495 TEE is sent to digital conversion, it gets a 60941/42 set

MZ1401 Is complete SUSU engine works perfectly, there is also mounted LEDs change white / red.

The track, i got no further with, it's too cold to work on my ceiling.

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Yeah, so did we get here, the new year has started, My model track progresses slowly forward
The ramp from the underground to the next level is almost complete, all that remains to put in some "patina"
there must also pulled some wires for traction and change track, then becomes all rails cleaned
with benzine, then being nailed


Material on the field:
A new LIMA MZ1401 Red / Black with ESU decoder purchased (great model)
For this train has purchased a new type of engine, a SUSU engine, the engine is almost the same as
the ModelTorque engine, it is a little difficult to get installed
That was it, the end of this time

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Happy New Year to All

The website is updated (the Danish part)

I have here in December got some new equipment, but more on that in the next update

The structure of the course goes quietly but surely

Another new locomotive on the field E-114 TEE

And once again HAPPY NEW YEAR

see you in 2015

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Welcome to my website, I am now translating my site to English.

The page will then contain the same information on the Danish side. From this date

If you want to read all the information written in the course of time, here is a link to the Danish news

Danish News

The link opens in a Window for themselves, so when you're done, you close it
If you can not understand them, use Google Translate

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